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Hello everyone,

I have great news for us all!

The release of the I will love honor and obey - Subliminal program.  Since my last update we've invested in two new voices :)  Dream Girls now uses 7 voices which is Amy, Linda, Emily, David, Allison, Heather and Tracy for sledgehammer subliminal m


New Subliminal programs at last

Started by Trainer81 on May 24, 2012

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls is pleased to welcome the following,

Listed on Converter Subliminal Programs,
Rain Music Converter - Subliminal
Silent Converter - Subliminal

Listed on Animal Subliminal Programs,
I am a Cat - Subliminal
I am a Cow - Subliminal
I am a Slave - Subliminal



Coming soon to Dream Girls

Started by Trainer81 on March 6, 2012

Hey all,

The subliminal program I am a cow is coming soon to, Animal Subliminal Programs :)

Side lines I'm trying to come up with a new sledgehammer called money slave?  A program where she will want to share her money earnings with her Husband, boyfriend if you get the picture.

Good day fr