About The Amber MP3 Player App

Amber MP3 Player AppWe like to announce the release of our next generation MP3 Player. It is called the Amber MP3 Player App and is available for use on all desktop and mobile web browsers.  The player is available here on Dream Girls and accessible by Prime members for playing all of your Subliminal MP3's.

The Amber MP3 Player includes instructions on how the player works and a full list of features.  This includes the ability to add your own music as well as to switch back and forth between tracks.  You can also clear your playlist and add new MP3 files without refreshing the web browser.

When you operate the Amber MP3 Player you'll be able to add any Subliminal MP3 file you want.  All files appear in the playlist and there are buttons you can use to advance to the next track, replay the previous track, and even stop the Subliminal file if you want.  You can even click on the progress bar in order to find a certain portion of the chosen track.  When done, simply click the C button to clear the playlist.  The playlist can also be cleared just by closing the site.  A clear playlist will appear the next time you open the Amber MP3 Player App.

The Amber MP3 Player App is only available through a Prime Membership.  And as a Prime Member, you'll get access to unlimited Subliminal MP3's you can download from Dream Girls large directory as well as eBooks designed to help you train yourself a loving and obedient dream girl.

Get all this included in your Prime Membership for only $75.95 Order Now