Amy The Puppy Girl

This story is a fantasy and it doesn't explicit real events.  This story was written to give you the impression you need for training your Dream Girl.

Chapter 1

Hi my name is Amy I was just walking around the corner, finishing up my part-time job walking Kor’s two dogs. It was a simple job, but he was a very nice man who lived about five blocks away from where Amy lives, and after playing with the dogs on her way home from school, she spoke with Kor and struck a deal.

Kor was an attractive guy, about 30 years old, with short black hair and stone cold eyes. He was about 5’11″, and was in great shape. Often, before Amy took the job, Kor could be seen walking his dogs around the neighborhood were he exercised daily. He was a quiet guy, keeping to himself, but friendly.

Amy was a petite 18 year old in her last year of high school. She had well-formed legs and hips from her cheer-leading all during her school years, and had nice sized breasts with perfectly round nipples. The extra cash she earned from taking care of the dogs would go towards her college fund, but she liked the animals very much, so she very much enjoyed her work.

It was dusk when she finally got the two dogs, both Golden Retrievers, one male and one female, back to the house. When she got to the back door, Kor was waiting, concerned something had happened to them.

“I am glad to see you Amy, it was getting late and I had feared something was wrong”.

“Sorry for the delay”, Amy explained as she hung up the dogs leashes. “We were having a good run, so I wanted to give them a full workout while we had the light”. “They look rested, don’t they?”

Amy, you take such good care of them, I appreciate it so much, it is so hard to watch them while I have to take care of some business, I am glad they are in good hands”. “Come into the living room and rest awhile with me”

They both walked into the large Victorian style homes living room, and relaxed on the plush furniture Kor had throughout the home. His two loyal pets came in and rested on their respected animal beds. Amy noticed how well he took care of his pets needs, he treated them just like he would a human.

“Can I get you a glass of soda or water Amy, you must be thirsty after the run?”

“Yes, thanks,” It was very tiring.

Kor walked over to the bar and poured some soda into a large glass with ice. he walked back over to where Amy was sitting, put the drink down in front of her, and then sat across from her on the other couch.

Amy must have been dry, she drank the entire glass down in a matter of moments. Kor called the dogs over to him, and they both jumped up on the couch and sat down beside him, much to the surprise of Amy, who did not think he ever allowed them on the furniture.

“On special occasions, I let them up on the furniture, it is so relaxing up here, it makes you want to stretch out and relax, doesn’t it?”

Amy was inclined to agree. She was starting to get very tired, taking the dogs out for exercise today must have knocked her out more than she realized. She wanted to leave, but she found herself becoming very comfortable there on the couch.

Kor walked over to the couch, and started to massage the legs of the very groggy Amy. The two dogs also came over to where Amy was, and sat down on each side of her.

“Excuse me Kor. I am not feeling well, I think I will go home now” and tried to stand up. Walking about two steps, she collapsed onto the couch. Kor ordered the dogs off the couch to their beds, walked over and picked Amy up, and carried her out of the room.

Amy was very much out of it, but could vaguely pick up on some of the things which were happening to her, but she thought it was all a dream. She thought she felt someone taking off her clothing, bathing her, and cutting her hair.

She also thought she felt her hands being tied and bound as well as her legs, but each time she thought she was coming to, she blanked out again.

In what seemed like hours to her, Amy woke up slowly, feeling a chill on her back. She tried to move to stand up, but her legs were constricted, as were her arms. She was lying on her side, with her arms and legs pulled in front of her. She was resting on soft material, similar to what she found in the living room furniture.

She heard the door open, and Kor walked in. Amy had never seen him like this before. He was wearing, black leather pants with an ankle strap. He was carrying some leather straps and chains.

“Well my little puppy, how are we feeling today?” he asked a puzzled Amy, who wanted to get up. “Are you trying to stand up, well, this is not they way you do it any more, so try sliding out of your little bed, and get up on all fours, come on!”

Amy started to slide out of the bed she was lying on, and again tried to stand up. Her ankles and wrists were bound tightly and connected to each other, and her head was also tied to the straps which ran from ankle to wrist. The was only one thing she could do, walk on all fours!

She crawled over to where Kor was, slipping slightly along the way. Amy’s finger and toe nails were painted red, her body naked she noticed her pussy was smooth and her nice around breasts where now on display for Kor! Amy’s Around her neck was a collar with a hook for a chain. Her hair was premed up and had red ribbons in it.

“Yes my sweet little Amy, I saw how much you enjoyed the lifestyle my dogs enjoyed, and I like you SO very much, I thought I would allow you to enjoy their lives and in the process help me with my business.”

Amy tried to pull apart the straps holding her down, but it was impossible, they were too tight and thick. With almost a dog like instinct, she tried chewing on the straps. Kor laughed at the site.

“Gee, I have not even started to train you and you are already starting to act like a puppy!”

Amy looked up to him with tears in her eyes. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“I have a business.” Kor smiles. “Where I breed and sell show dogs too people.” Looking down at the helpless Amy. “You’ll make an excellent candidate!”

“So what will happen to me know?” Amy sobbed as she stands on all fours on the carpet.

“You will live like a dog, be fed, watered, and receive subliminal training which will give you dog like behavior in no time. Soon you will not be able to talk once I‘m through with you.” “You also will not be able to walk, you will not need the straps, you will automatically get on all fours and walk this way.” “You will be a dog!”

Kor walked over to her, and patted her on the head. He reached underneath and pulled the leash ring on her collar around and hooked it to the leash in his hand. Giving it a tight pull, and Amy’s head popped up, pulling her arms up.

“Come on Amy, can you sit up and beg for me, come on, beg, pant little puppy”.

She resisted, and spit into Kor’s face. Wiping the spit away, he grew angry, and let go of the leash. He walked over and picked up a rolled up newspaper.

“You have been very bad, and you must be punished, you must be spanked!” he yelled down to Amy in a firm voice.

Amy tried to move away quickly, but she was not used to being on all fours, and could not move quickly. She slips as she moved on the carpet. Kor grabbed her by the collar, and starting hitting her on the behind.

“Bad girl!, bad girl!, when you are told to behave, you BETTER do as I say!” he yelled as he spanked her bottom.

Amy was crying, the tight straps and Kor’s strong grip on the collar strap preventing her from moving away. After several more strikes, he pulled the newspaper away. Reaching around, he grabbed the leash again and pulled Amy’s head and arms up.

“Now, will you beg for me, come on, pant and beg for me, you know how its done, you made my puppies do it, now, so can you”.

Amy looked at him, and with tears in her eyes, pushed herself back onto her knees, lifted her arms up with her hands forward, and started panting.

With Kor laughing, Amy continued to pant, her tongue hanging out. The way he was holding herself up on the balls of her feet made it appear she was on hind legs. The light in the room shimmered off her round breasts. It appeared Amy was submitting to Kor, less risking another beating.

Kor walked over to her and patted her on the head. “That’s a good girl, come on, lets get you something to drink”. Amy got down onto all fours again, and Kor took her by the leash and walked her out of the room towards the kitchen.

Amy was moving slowly, but was following along obediently. Once inside the spacious kitchen, Kor led her over to the sink area where the dogs bowls are kept.

“Are you thirsty, of course you are, well, I have got a present for you!” He said with a grin on his face. Letting go of the leash, he filled a dish with water and put it in front of her. It was a bright green dish with “Amy” inscribed on the side. Amy turned her head away, but Kor pulled it back towards the dish.

“If you want to drink, start lapping away at the water, otherwise, do without, those are the choices!” Amy heard bellowing out of Kor, who was growing angry again.

Sensing she may be hit again, and feeling dry, Amy bowed her head down and started lapping at the water. She found it difficult to learn to do, but soon was able to take on some water. Kor kneeled down along side her and started to pat her on the head again.

“Yes my pretty little thing, you are learning to obey quickly, I like this” he said with glee in his eye. Again pulling on the leash, he pulled Amy away from the bowl and walked her back into the living room.

“Well, I have to go out for awhile, so you will have to stay here with the pups until I return”. She unhooked the leash and put it on the table.

“You can do what you want, walk around, play, sleep, just do not get any ideas about trying to call out or getting to an open door. The phone lines in this room are off when I am not here, and the doors and windows are locked and the drapes drawn so nobody can see in”.

Amy was moving around the room slowly trying to see if she could see out or get out, instead all she did was tired herself out. Dejected, she walked over to her bed, and fell onto her side, tears flowing down her face. The next sound she heard was the door slamming shut as Kor walked out.

Chapter 2
“Amy The Show Dog”

When she awoke, Amy found the two dogs waiting by the door, waiting for Kor to come and take them out. Usually by this time, Amy would have come and taken them out, but she was now in need of someone to help her.

Amy crawled out from her bed, and walked over to the door where the dogs were. Kor came in, and patted each of the dogs as they jumped up and down on him. Amy was sitting there on her legs, trying to loosen the stain from the straps, her eyes red from crying.

“Well my pretty young thing, it seems the pups here have to go outside, what about you, do you need a walk?” he said with a vicious grin on his face.

Amy pleaded with him, “please, let me go, let me up, I have too, I need to…..” her voice trailed off as she turned her head down.

“First I have to take care of them, then you, so just sit tight and wait”. With this, Kor took the dogs out into the yard.

Amy walked over to the window, and looked outside from what she could see at her height. It was getting darker out, so they would be inside soon. Suddenly she had an awful thought, would he make her go outside? She crawled as fast as she could back to her bed, hoping Kor would become tied up doing other things and forget about her for now. This would not be her luck.

The dogs came running in, and Kor walked over to her bed. Reaching around her neck, he clipped the leash onto the collar and pulled her up on all fours.

“Come on Amy, it is time for you”. She tried pulling away, but as usual Kor had a tight grip on her. He reached around and smacked Amy across the behind once very hard, causing Amy to almost fall. Kor reached around to Amy’s waist petting her sexually along side her waist, she blushed with embarrassment.

“Well my dear, we can’t have you outside where you could be seen, so I will take you downstairs to a special setup I have for you, come on”.

With a great deal of fear in her eyes, she walked on all fours down the hall following Kor on the leash. On the way, Kor’s hands found their way over her ass, running it over and over. This was making her feel uneasy and horny, which made her very nervous.

Kor slowly took Amy down the steps to his finished basement area. It was difficult for Amy getting down the steps, she slid slightly on her straps, they didn’t give her good balance.

Kor slowly took Amy down the steps to his finished basement area. It was difficult for Amy getting down the steps, she slid slightly on her straps, they didn’t give her good balance.

“What happens to me now?” Amy asked as Kor stopped her near another door in the basement.

He unlocked the door, which led to a room where Amy saw a large room, it was amazing but also scary! The ceiling was painted a bright blue and the walls were a dark white.

The room was big as he led Amy in walking on actual green grass. He unhooked the leash. “Here you go my dear, I will be waiting outside for you, just yell when ready”. He started to turn and walk away.

“Wait, I cannot do this, please, don’t make me do this!” Amy cried out to him. Kor kept walking and told her, “it is this, or nothing else, so I would get used to it”. With that, he walked out the door.

Amy stood there on all fours, wondering what to do next. She had to take care of
business, but did not want to do it here. Sensing no other choice, she moved around to make the straps somewhat out of the way, stood up on her feet and spread her legs as wide as possible, and relieved herself.

Once finished, she made sure she rolled away from what she had done, and walked away feeling shamed at what she had become and what she had to do. Kor came back into the room.

“There, was that so bad little girl” he said has he clips the leash back onto her collar. “Pretty soon you will get used to that, it will become second nature”. He led Amy out of the room and back up the stairs.

Once in the main room, Amy tried to walk over to her bed area, but was pulled down the hall. She was walking fairly well, learning to balance herself on her feet and not letting the straps trip her up. She was brought into a room which had several large cages in it, an examination table, and lots of equipment for training dogs. Trying to pull away in ear, she was grabbed underneath by Kor and picked up and placed on the table. Only the fear of falling with being able to catch herself kept her from trying to jump off.

Kor unhooked the straps which connected her legs to her arms, so Amy was able to stretch out. This was a error Kor counted on, because as soon as she did, Amy was restrained to the table by her hands and feet.

“No, let me up, let me go, help!, please, oh…..” with this a ball gag was inserted into her mouth, quieting her down. Amy looked around nervously as Kor prepared a set of headphones in the corner.

“I guess you are wondering what’s happening, well, this is part of what I was talking about when you first woke up, this is the training I was talking about”.

He smiles with a sense of pride. “The training will influence new behavior patterns for you.” Petting the side of her head. “While you are lying here, I will play these MP3 programs over and over for you,” Smiles! “The results should have you barking and running around here like the pups in no time!”

Amy cried into heavy sobs as Kor walked over to her. He wiped the tears away, kissed her on the forehead, holding an advanced set of headphones he places the, Beats headphones over her head covering Amy’s small ears.

Amy heard the sounds of Ocean Waves playing loudly over and over again as she slowly stopped resisting and soon was lying quite still.

Subliminal messages where being pumped into her brain on the subconscious level deepening her mind!

Finishing up for the night, Kor cleaned up the lab and prepared to shut down for the evening. Amy was lying there on the table on her stomach now, her mind was already starting to weaken.

This would go on for the next 24 hours or so.

Kor turned down the lights, and walked out the door. Amy was on the table motionless, enthralled with what was happening on screen, as the new thoughts pulsed through her mind.

Closing the door to his lab, Kor knew everything was going as planned. Amy was no different than the other human dogs he trained before her. And it was all thanks to Dream Girls Animal Subliminal Programs for training girls.

Dream Girls

Chapter 3
“Amy The Show Dog”

Just about two days later, Kor checked his remote monitors and charts and concluded Amy’s subliminal treatment should be sufficient for now. Picking up her leash, he headed down to the treatment center in the cellar.

Amy was now lying in a large cage on her side, having been moved there after the initial 24 hours. A sedative kept her asleep so Kor could move her body there, and she was in the same position any dog would be found in while sleeping.

Kor shut down the IV machines feeding the sedative into Amy, and removed the needle from her arm. It would be a few minutes before she awoke, once the IV was removed, the drug would become inactive. Kor closed the cage door, and waited to see what Amy’s reactions and response would be when she awoke.

Amy started to blink her eyes slightly, and began to slowly move her arms. She was still very groggy, but was starting to come around. Kor walked over to the cage and started calling her.

“Come on girl, time to wake up, come on!” Amy slowly started to stand, and for the first time, she stopped trying to stand up. She stood on all fours.

“——————-”, She found she couldn’t speak but was able to make low growling sounds. She was having trouble forming words.

“It would appear your subliminal treatments have taken well, you are already starting to lose your ability to speak, thanks to that one custom program..” Kor smiles.

And I think once I let you out, you will walk around a lot better without your straps”.

Kor walked over to the cage, opened the safety gate, and started to rub Amy’s head. She tried to speak against, but all that would come out were whimpers. Sensing she was ready to move, Kor closed the safety gate, picked up Amy’s leash, and went over to the cage to take her out.

Once the door was opened, Amy walked slowly on all fours out the door and onto the floor. With the straps now unhooked, she seemed to move a lot easier and with more comfort and stability with her new position.

Kor clipped the leash onto her collar, and kneeled down to pat her head and rub her under her chin. By natural instinct, Amy rubbed her face into Kor’s hand, and when she put her hand out in front of him, stuck out and licked his hand with her tongue.

Kor was very impressed, she was moving along quickly. Putting the leash down for the moment to close up the cage and tidy up the area, Amy lied down on the floor, arms in front of her, head down, legs behind her.

When Kor walked over to her to pick up the leash, she tried to speak again. “——, .grrr…….and broke into some small grunts and barks. She kept barking, it was quiet because she did not have a lot of strength yet, and her female voice did not have a high pitch to make it piercing.

Amy felt confused as she wanted to make human speech not the sounds of a dog. The subliminal programming was doing an amazing job on her canine speech!

Kor was glowing with success as his little dog walker barked away on the floor. He petted her on the head again, and this seemed to calm her down. Pulling on the leash, Amy picked herself up and trotted down the hallway.

She took the stairs a lot better!

There was something deep inside Amy’s brain which was telling her this was wrong, but the new thoughts pulsing through her brain was repressing these feelings and ideas.

Instead of being able to speak words, she found herself walking with her mouth open, tongue wagging, as she was brought back to the main floor. The Dream Girls subliminal programs made a strong impression on her mind.

Once upstairs, Kor led her into the spacious living room. The two other dogs came running over to Amy and began to sniff her. The sounds of her yelping had caught the attention of the other dogs before she came upstairs. The dogs licked Amy’s face and back, and she rubbed up against them in response.

Kor sent them away. She unhooked the leash from Amy’s collar, and pulled her up on the couch. She jumped up in one shot, pulling herself up with her arms and palms.

Amy was still very tired, and layed down on her side, instantly putting her arms and legs down in front of her, staring out at the TV screen activated by Kor.

“Such a sweet little girl, you have responded so well, I have the perfect buyer for you!“ Kor noticed the light as it reflected off Amy’s bare back, she was still quite a woman.
Since dogs like to have their stomachs rubbed, she put her hand underneath Amy’s stomach and started rubbing it back and forth slowly, then alternating to circles moving up underneath her breasts.

Amy’s senses did not know how to react to this, her sub-conscious took this as a sexual advance, her brain was telling her to accept it as playful petting by her owner.

Amy rolled onto her back, pulled her arms and legs back and held them in the air, allowing Kor to use both his hands to massage her entire body down to her vagina.

Kor’s hands found their way to Amy’s female parts, and without warning, he took two fingers and entered her. Probing back and forth inside of her, Amy began to move her legs back and forth in response.

Amy was whimpering, if she could speak, she would no doubt be moaning loudly right now. Kor was working Amy into a frenzy of whimpering and body movements. After a few minutes of bucking her hips forward, Amy collapsed into a massive orgasm, flowing into Kor’s hands.

With Amy still lying on her back, Kor grabs Amy’s head turning it toward his cock as he position her mouth, with his thick cock going into her mouth. “Oh, Oh, Yeah,” Holding the back of her head tightly at the palms of his hands, he cum his warm load down her throat. Amy swallowed his cum easily.

Exhausted, Kor stood up off the couch. Clipping the leash to Amy’s collar, he called her off the couch and led her out of the room. “Come my little girl. I need to rest, and I want my little girl to be lying there waiting for me with the rest of the puppies”.

Led into Kor’s huge bedroom, Amy was allowed to lay down across some huge feather pillows, while the other two dogs came in and rested there also. Kor stretched out on his bed, and was soon drifting off to sleep.

Amy’s eyes slowly started to close on this day. She could not recall or remember much of anything, but she knew her life was changing and would be changing more. Not knowing what had happened to others who came before her, she did not know how true this was.

Chapter 4
“Amy The Show Dog”

As the light from the early morning sun started coming thru the slits in the blinds, Amy awoke from her sleep, and climbed down off the bed.
She really was not fully awake yet, but she was able to walk around the floor, stretching her legs. She did not realize she was sniffing around the furniture as she moved around the floor, she also was moving with a great deal of ease on her all fours.

Kor awoke soon after, and after rolling over a few times in his large, soft bed, he too got up, and walked over to where his new little puppy was standing. He kneeled down and was scratching Amy under the chin, who responded by licking his hand.

“Such a sweet little girl, come with me, I will give you some fresh water”. Instead, Amy, at a fast pace, moved past him towards the door which led to the basement, to the indoor lawn.

“What is it, do you have to go out, come on, speak, tell me what you want”.

Amy walked over to the door, and lifted herself up and started pawing at the door, and emitted short and rapid loud barks coming from her female voice. Her sounds attracted the other dogs, who came running in behind her.

Kor petted each of them and called them over to the outside door and pushed it open, letting them run free in the yard. He then looked down at Amy, looking up at her pawing at the door.

“You need to go downstairs little puppy, well, come on, lets go and see what you have learned”. He opened the door, and Amy moved slowly but with confidence down the steps and ran through the basement to the other door leading to the special lawn.

Kor followed shortly behind and unlocked the door, and Amy walked on all fours onto the green lawn and went about her business. She soon came out of the room, and sat back on her legs in front of Kor.

“Well my little girl, you behaving so well, I may have to treat you, would that make you happy, speak for me, come on, speak little puppy”.

Amy began to bark over and over, pulling her hands in the air, trying to paw at Kor. He responded by petting Amy on the head, and started walking away down the cellar hall.

Amy quickly followed him down the hall, yelping most of the way.

Amy was beginning to assume her new identity well! The subliminal messages where taking it’s total on her mind. Maybe it’s the fact that when Amy was 5 years old, that she was pretending she was a dog!

One of the reasons her mind could of weaken in such a short time, using those childhood memories to enforce dog like behavior changes!

Making her way to another storage room, Kor brought Amy inside to where there was another dog lying on a doggie bed. Amy could sense other dogs there also. She tried moving over to where the scents were coming from, but Kor grabbed her by the collar and clipped her to the leash attached on the wall.

“I brought you here Amy because this new mommy here needs some assistance, and you have just the right “tools” to help her out with”. With this, he moved a board away from the doorway where he was standing and six puppies came running out towards her and the dog lying in its bed.

“You see Amy, this little mommy dog is just too tired from feeding her many pups, this is her second litter in such a short time”.

“With you here, we can put those milk filled tits to use, and get you prepared for when you have your own little pups, I’m sure you will be breed someday!”

Amy appeared to be alarmed at the dogs overrunning her, and watching them pull at their mother for milk. The mother dog just layed there as the pups fed on her.

Kor unhooked Amy, and brought her over to another doggie bed where she was tied down. Kor felt her breasts, and gently rubbed her tits and nipples, making them moist and leaky.

Amy’s nipples had become slightly longer due to his touch, so when Kor brought the two puppies over to her, they instantly went to Amy’s breasts and started drawing on them, causing her some initial pain and soreness from their rough treatment.

Wanting to act like a real dog she nuzzled and licked the pups as they fed on her, and allowed each puppy to in turn come over and feed from her full breasts. Kor looked at this and smiled with delight.

Taking the digital camera out of his pocket, Kor snapped a few pictures of Amy for her sale. He took some earlier photographs too when she was peeing on the indoor lawn!

“I think I will leave you here for awhile to get used to this part of your new life, and will be back for you later, when we will start your training again.”

Kor came back a few hours later, and found both the dog, the puppies and Amy asleep, with one of the pups suckling lightly on one of Amy’s nipples, drawing her sweet milk into its tummy.

He took the pup away from Amy, and put it with the others by the mother dog, where it soon was asleep next to its brothers and sisters. He gently shook Amy awake and she stood up on all fours.

“Well my little milk machine, did you enjoy feeding the little pups, they seemed to like it VERY much!” Kor took his hand petting her breasts as he noticed some moisture leaking down the side of her nipples.

“Amy, you are leaking, you must be so full inside those beautiful breasts of yours, well we cannot have you walking around with your tits swaying in the breeze dripping milk!”

Amy looked up at him with a very curious face, he picked up a carry bag and pulled a breast pump out of it.

Kor proceeded to drain the ample milk from Amy’s breasts as she layed on her back, stomach being patted by Kor. In no time he filled up several bottles with her sweet milk.

When he was done he re-attached the leash to Amy’s collar.

“Come my little girl, it’s time to complete your training.” Her breasts tender and sore, she walked with Kor slowly down the hallway, balancing herself now with ease on all fours, walking towards the next step in her training Kor was putting her through, her awareness of her previous personality and situation quickly vanishing from memory.

Amy soon found herself back in the same room where the subliminal training process began. Kor picked Amy up and put her on the examination table. She tried to resist, but she was scared, so she stood on the table shaking and crying.

Looking around, Amy saw two new girls each resting on an examination table wearing nothing but the collars around their necks! They girls were sleeping wearing a pair of headphones listening to the ocean waves.

They where being kept next to Amy as she looked closely at the girls resting on their backs. The two young girls seem to be in their early twenties.

Kor came over to Amy, and before she could react he pricked her skin with a needle and administered a long injection of a clear fluid inside her. This was followed by placing a pair of headphones over her ears like before.

Amy was feeling warm, and was now laying down on the table as she fell asleep.

“Well Amy, you must stay here for awhile.” He smiles down at his little money makers!

While Amy slept, more mental transformations occurred. Over a period of several days her mind was undergoing an extreme changes. She was listening to custom subliminal programs from Dream Girls now! She was learning the need to feel unconditional love and being at peace with herself.

Another program was I will Obey! When Amy awakes her dog like self would dominate.

The young 18-teen-year old girl would keep her humanoid form but her mind was perfectly changed too were she thought she was a dog.

The following days…

Kor watched as Amy awoke. After Amy’s days of sleep, she was considerably thinking more like a dog. She once again found herself in the same cage like before.

This time however two men stood over her looking down at Amy, standing near her cage. “Yes I like her” The unfamiliar face kneels down patting Amy on the head. “Such a sweet little girl, you are,” Said the stronger.

The Stronger knew Amy would make a prize Show Dog.
At the Animal BDSM Events!

Looking up at the two men, Amy watched as the two men talked about her future and how lovely she was. Having the body of a 18-teen-year-ld girl and the mind of a dog though very little human thought remained as she watched him write a check for a big sum of money.

Amy blushed as her cheeks turned red when the stronger hooked the leash onto her collar tugging her along walking on all fours. She walked out the front door following from behind the stranger.

She obediently climbed into the back seat not knowing she had very little choice.

The End

Writen by Trainer81