Slave Girl Mind Control Subliminal MP3's

    The Submissive thoughts slave girl subliminal will assist you in training your slave in submission.

    She will learn to embrace her submission to serve her Master.

    The Happiness subliminal program is back in a whole new recording.  For the Master who wants a happy slave girl.

    She will be happy to please you.
    She will feel free when she gives up control.
    She will want to do anything for you.

    Using this subliminal program she will learn to accept that her Master is superior.

    She will think men are superior.
    She will love her Master.
    She will obey her Master.

    Using this subliminal program you will be able to mold your Slave Girl's identity into an obedient servant.

    She will devote her time to you.
    She will give herself to you.
    She will see you as part of her identity.

    She will learn to accept that you're apart of who she is.

    I Will Love Honor and Obey are the traditional wedding vows she will learn to abide by.

    Using this subliminal will teach her to Love honor and obey you.

    She will want to make you happy.
    She will love you.
    She will honor you.
    She will obey you.
    You will become her whole world.

    Using this subliminal program will encourage your Slave girl to be submissive.

    She will want to be submissive for you.
    She will believe she was born submissive.

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