Subliminal Downloads
  • Mind Control Subliminal Programs
    In these programs the name Boyfriend, Husband or Master is written into the subliminal script for your girl to be directed toward you when she's subconsciously influenced by these Subliminal MP3's.
  • Girlfriend Subliminal Programs
    Train your girlfriend to be more respectful, submissive and willing to please you using these Subliminal MP3's.
  • Wife Subliminal Programs
    Train yourself a submissive and loving housewife who will love, honor and obey you using these Subliminal MP3's.
  • Slave Girl Subliminal Programs
    Train yourself an obedient and submissive slave girl using these Subliminal MP3's which can help you form a Master and slave girl relationship.
  • Maid Subliminal Programs
    Train yourself a submissive girl to become your personal Maid who will learn to serve you faithfully using these Subliminal MP3's.
  • Adult Entertainment Subliminal Programs
    The Adult industry for training just about any girl in exotic dancing, stripper, escort, sex using these Subliminal MP3's she'll make a fine performer.
  • Pet Girls Subliminal Programs
    Fetish Subliminal MP3's for training yourself a non-human girl as your pet or work animal using these Subliminal MP3's.
  • Living Doll Subliminal Programs
    Do you have a Doll fetish? Using these Subliminal MP3's you'll be able to train your girl to act and behave like a living and submissive doll.
  • Self-Help Subliminal Programs
    Self-improvement Subliminal MP3's for correcting common issues and unwanted behavior for the Dominant and Submissive.

 Submissive Girls Services for training yourself a loving and obedient dream girl; using Subliminal MP3's.