Subliminal Downloads
  • Mind Control Subliminal Programs - The name Boyfriend, Husband, Master is incorporated into the subliminal messages for your girl to be subconsciously influenced to become submissive and obedient dream girl for you.
  • Girlfriend Subliminal Programs - Train your girlfriend to be more respectful, submissive and willing to please you using Subliminal MP3's.
  • Wife Subliminal Programs - Train yourself a submissive and loving housewife who will love, honor and obey you using these Subliminal MP3's.
  • Slave Girl Subliminal Programs - The finest slave girl training Subliminal MP3's for building a Master and slave girl relationship in the alternative lifestyles.
  • Maid Subliminal Programs - Train yourself a submissive girl to become your personal Maid who will learn to serve faithfully you using Subliminal MP3's.
  • Adult Entertainment Subliminal Programs - The Adult industry for training just about any girl in exotic dancing, stripper, escort, sex using Subliminal MP3's.
  • Pet Girls Subliminal Programs - Fetish Subliminal MP3's for training yourself a non-human girl as your pet or work animal.
  • Living Doll Subliminal Programs - Train your girl to act and behave like a Living Doll using the collection of these fetish Subliminal MP3's.
  • Self-Help Subliminal Programs - Self-improvement Subliminal MP3's for correcting common issues and unwanted behavior for the Dominant and Submissive.

 Submissive Girls Services for training yourself a loving and obedient dream girl; using Subliminal MP3's since 2007