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For a onetime payment you get a lifetime Prime Membership giving you unlimited access to download our entire directory of subliminal MP3 programs for training girls in submission and obedience and a whole lot more.

Using are easy to read eBooks provided by Submissive Girls will share with you everything you need to know to train your girl step-by-step.

How Subliminal MP3's Work eBook
Forming New Habits eBook
Training Girls to Behave eBook
Teaching The Subconscious Mind eBook
How Many Ways to Train a Slave Girl eBook
Burn a MP3 to CD using Windows Media Player
Subliminal MP3 Player App eBook

And as a Prime Member not only will you gain access to the subliminal downloads and following eBooks we will include exclusive access to our Apps for training your dream girl; and creating your own Subliminal MP3's within minutes, using your PC!

Will show you how in three easy to read eBooks.

Create your own MP3 subliminal messages, eBooks are:
1. Easily Write Your Own Subliminal Messages eBook
2. Amber Text To Speech Recorder App eBook
3. Using the Subliminal Recorder App eBook

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