Erotic Adventure adult Visual Novel, Molly The Puppy Girl

When you preorder Molly The Puppy Girl a Visual Novel in gameplay you'll get to experience the thrill of owning and playing with Molly an 18-year-old teenage girl as she's trained to become your pet, a sub-human canine.

This episodic adventure involves a girl named Molly who becomes an involuntary puppy girl that you can interact and train to be your loyal sub-human canine in the online Visual Novel, gameplay.  She will listen to your every beck and call, doing everything that you as the Master ask her to do.

Featured through different episodes all released separately detailing Molly's life in her animal transformation to becoming a sub-human canine, a puppy girl in a BDSM / Animal roleplay fetish.

When you preorder you’ll be joining the testing and the development in the making of this Visual Novel video game playable in all web browsers.

$19.95 USD
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