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on April 5, 2017

Thread Title: All new Submissive Girls and upgrade from Dream Girls now active

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce to you Submissive Girls Apps www.submissivegirlsapps.com an upgrade from Dream Girls which has been up and running since 2007 and we're now planning to move forward here on Submissive Girls!

Your Prime membership along with the Username you've been using on Dream Girls! Has been moved over to Submissive Girls. When log into Submissive Girls use the username you've been using with Dream Girls.

Plus Dream Girls will be sending out a temporary password to each and every Prime user that can be used to log into the new site Submissive Girls.

All of Dream Girls pre-existing services like our Subliminal MP3’s and eBooks for training girls in submission and obedience will be carried over to the new site Submissive Girls accessible by all existing paid Prime members.

All the following eBooks have been newly updated in training girls step-by-step!

Try out Submissive Girls all new forum and private messaging with fellow site users like yourself to see what we have to offer you.

Paid Prime members will be entitled to Submissive Girls exclusive Apps capable of running in web browser with nothing to download.

Submissive Girls first App is our female voice, Amber a Text To Speech Recorder which can be used to create all your audio scripts.  Now after you've created the audio script and read our updated eBooks showing everything you need to know, to record yourself a Subliminal MP3 for training your girl in submission and obedience.

But that's not all we've come up with a whole new method for recording the Subliminal MP3 using our Subliminal Recorder App which has been showing good results.

For the past few months, we've had successful beta testing for our new Subliminal MP3's and will be ready to bring them to Submissive Girls all new download directory sometime this month.  I'm still preparing the files for upload but all be keeping you updated as they become live on the new download directory.

What will be done with Dream Girls?

Will be keeping Dream Girls existing download directory and forum fully functional at the same time you'll be able to log into Submissive Girls to give the new forum a try!

Dream Girls will be kept as an archive website for its blog and forum...

Along with the exclusive Apps we carry, Submissive Girls is a whole new site in beta with new and expanding features.

But that's not all coming soon is the following,

Subliminal MP3 Player App - This App will allow you to run all of your Subliminal MP3 audio files playable in any web browser whether it's on your computer or any mobile device.


More updates coming soon,





on March 31, 2017

Thread Title: Some Blog posts moved over from Dream Girls

I just completed moving over a small selection of Dream Girls Blog posts from the year 2012 and 1 post from 2013!

What I'm going to do is officially archive the old Blog and Dream Girls old forum viewable by Prime members only. You'll still be able to log into the old forum over at Dream Girls and use it but Submissive Girls new forum is up and running, ready for use.

The following Dream Girls Blog and Forum archived at/

Dream Girls Blog http://dreamgirlsgt.com/blog/

Dream Girls Forum http://dreamgirlsgt.com/forums/ Accessable by Prime members only.


Stay tuned,





on February 13, 2013

Thread Title: Dream Girls new story release

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls just released a new fictional story!

Sierra The Pony – This is a story about a 19-teen year old girl named Sierra who's about be trained as a ponygirl and enslaved in her own mind. Read along if you like human animal stories but be warned Sierra will loose her humanity in this tall tale. http://dreamgirlsgt.com/sierra-the-pony/

Silver & Gold members be the first to read this wonderful story before we release it publicly :)

Meanwhile where working on a new Self-Help subliminal program for the Dominant mind. Where calling it, Self Mind Control...





on December 27, 2012

Thread Title: Wonderful holiday!!!

Hello everyone,

We just returned from a joyful Christmas :)  And now on to a wonderful new year!


Happy Holidays all,





on December 23, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls wishing you a merry 2012!

Hi everyone,


We will be out of the office on the 24th through Dec. 25th and resume normal business hours on the 26th.


Merry Christmas,





on December 12, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls super release's 12/12/12

Hey everyone!

Yes, Yes it's true Dream Girls brings you what we like to call super release's for 12/12/12 meaning new subliminal and sledgehammer programs :)

We like to include Gold Member only videos showing you how to create your own subliminal programs step-by-step!  Now the Create your own subliminal e-books have proven useful but videos will add more fun for Gold members!

Four Dream Girls videos,
1. Setting up ***** Audio WAVE Format
2. Recording a single subliminal program using ***** 
3. Adding rain music to silents using ***** recorder

These videos by Trainer81 a Dream Girls training tool.

And what you've been waiting for the new subliminal programs,

I Love My Boyfriend - Subliminal
I Love My Husband - Subliminal
This program will influence submissive feelings and convincing your girl that she loves you. A good program if you want secure your love life.

Now the new Sledgehammers by Dream Girls,

Enjoy Life - Sledgehammer
This subliminal program will help you enjoy life in whatever that may be and think positive about the future.

I am Submissive Girlfriend - Subliminal
I am Submissive Slave - Subliminal
I am Submissive Wife - Subliminal

This subliminal program will implant the idea that she's submissive and help her to give into submission. Go slow and you'll have an obedient girl for years.

It is now 10:10pm my time, time to go watch some Christmas movies with my girl!


Good night all,





on October 31, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls new subliminal releases

Hello everyone,

So who's trick or treating ? this year lol

First off Dream Girls released a mew story called Halloween Teens only a few weeks ago.  If you like freaky tales this story is for you!

Anyways where treating you all to two new programs and one of them is a triplet subliminal we like to call, Decision Maker!

My Decision Maker - Boyfriend Subliminal
My Decision Maker - Husband Subliminal
My Decision Maker - Master Subliminal

Having her listen to the Decision Maker she'll learn that it is you who make's all her decisions.  You will be able to control her within time but remember go slow and respect her.

And for adult animal lovers,

I am a Cow - Subliminal
This program will give her the confidence the idea of wanting to become a human cow. She will want to be a cow. She will to be a good cow. This subliminal program should only be used if the girl's only future is being an animal.

For November will be looking at a new sledgehammer for training girls further in being obedient for men!


Happy Halloween,





on October 18, 2012

Thread Title: A Holloween Teens Story

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls just released it's newest story Halloween Teens!

This story is about a scientific breakthrough leading to a Halloween slave auction!  Read along and find out what kind of fun adults really have on Halloween night…

A horror story you will never forget!

Coming in November Dream Girls will release the next wave of subliminal programs for the members area! Yes for silver and gold members...


Happy Holloween,





on August 12, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls joins Facebook!

Hello everyone,

Dream Girls has joined Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dreamgirlsgt

We will be using this page for support and basic Dream Girls updates nothing more :)


Have a good weekend all,





on July 28, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls new membership plans

Hello everyone,

I have some good news for everyone!

Okay first I have great news about Dream Girls new membership system.  I'm talking Silver Membership and Gold Membership.

What's the difference right?

While Silver Membership is the standard access to unlimited subliminal downloads and our training ebooks which include reading our subliminal scripts.

We plan to have a subliminal script software based e-Book ready sometime next month :)  It will be easier to handle from what users have to download now.

I just like to have nice things you understand and my girl she's one of them :)

Okay the Gold Membership will give you access to everything said above and this membership will show you how to, Create your own Subliminal MP3′s within minutes, using your PC!

A Private Forum for Gold Members Only :)  It's a nice little forum and we enjoyed installing it.

Alright the following new Converter subliminal programs are on there way into the Members Area.

Get the Gold Membership for only $109 a onetime payment for full access.  But it get's better if you only have Silver Membership, but what if you want to upgrade for only $40 from Silver to Gold a onetime payment.

Rain Music Converter - Subliminal
Silent Converter - Subliminal
I am a Cat - Subliminal
I am a Cow - Subliminal
I am a Slave - Subliminal
I am Dominant - Subliminal
My Keeper  - Sledgehammer

New Maid Programs coming soon!

Oh, where still fixing up the Gold Members Area so bare with us please :)

By the way I want to thank all members for helping me make Dream Girls new subliminal download system a wonderful tool!

Say for those who purchased a membership and ebooks on creating your own subliminal MP3's ?  Dream Girls has something special in mind for you :)

We know who you are so just email us if your interested :)


Have a great weekend all,





on July 26, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls New Golden Age

Dream Girls is now offering two kinds of Membership Packages with a twist!

Sliver Membership
Gold Membership

Gold Membership coming soon  8-)

The Gold Membership will offer Create your own subliminal MP3′s programs, music selections and a private forum.

Yes the gold membership will include unlimited subliminal downloads and a video on to create a custom sledgehammer.

Anyone who bought “Create your own subliminal MP3′s” in the past will get access to Gold Membership.  How ever normal membership is sliver which will have the upgrade offer.

All this is coming soon in the next few weeks along with new subliminal downloads :)


Stay tuned,





on June 28, 2012

Thread Title: Members Area uploads completed

Hey all,

Okay the I've just completed the uploads for the Mind Control & Slave Girl Subliminal Programs.
All things are a go :)

The I Love honor and Obey - Subliminal will be coming back soon!





on June 12, 2012

Thread Title: Dream Girls almost done

Hello everyone,

As promised I'm back at work, working on the site :)  Just doing a few touch ups right now, you know getting things in working order.

We've all noticed Dream Girls has two menus right?  The top menu is for site users and the menu below is the main switch!  Hope I explained that good but if not you'll figure it out, hehe

Anyways site users can now edit there passwords/ email and upload avatar pictures which includes info.

I made a few adjustments to the side bar which is Dream Girls Store functions and our new Directory.

Next on the list is rest of the subliminal programs for the members area!


Good day,





on June 12, 2012

Thread Title: I will love honor and obey subliminal release

Hello everyone,

I have great news for us all!

The release of the I will love honor and obey - Subliminal program.  Since my last update we've invested in two new voices :)  Dream Girls now uses 7 voices which is Amy, Linda, Emily, David, Allison, Heather and Tracy for sledgehammer subliminal messages.

Who can use it?  If you have a wife, girlfriend or training a slave this subliminal will work for you.

Since the release of this new Members Area selection the Subliminal Programs...

e-Book Forming New Habits
Habits are routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, and they tend to occur subconsciously without directly thinking consciously about them. Habitual behavior sometimes goes unnoticed in people exhibiting them, because it is often unnecessary to engage in self-analysis when undertaking routine tasks. Habituation is an extremely simple form of learning...

e-Book Subconscious Awareness - Teachings
Our subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than our conscious mind.” Along with running most aspects of our physiology, from heart rate to hormone release, the subconscious mind stores everything. This includes our memories good and bad as well as our beliefs and our knowledge...

These two new e-books are Members only service helping you to train girls.


Have a good weekend everyone,