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on July 28, 2017

Thread Title: Submissive Girls: All new App updates 7/27/2017

Hello everyone,

The long wait is finally over the Amber MP3 Player an online web browser App is out for Beta testing.  The Amber MP3 Player is completely independent, with nothing to download. It’s capable of playing all your Subliminal MP3 tracks.

Prime members can access the Amber MP3 Player directly on Submissive Girls from your computer or mobile device. Just load your Subliminal MP3's into the Playlist feature and click play.

Next up is the Amber Text to Speech App we had to upgrade the core files to fix necessary speed issues that were causing it to slow down.

We also updated the design layouts for the Amber MP3 Player and Text to Speech App along with our new spokesperson girl named, Amber!

You'll also notice the (Molly Game App) soon to be an online adult game featured by Molly The Puppy Girl an eBook story series soon to be available in 2018!

Further updates,

Coming soon an all new Stories App feature allowing site users to read and publish adult stories here on Submissive Girls.

The Stories App will be coming soon sometime in 2017!

As for the Dream Girls old forum, we took it offline for awhile so we can move it to a new location we've ended up having to fix the Text to Speech App first which wasn't running correctly.

Now when we bring back the old forum you'll be the first to know but I'll be available as an archive to existing and new Prime members who've paid for membership.

And as for Submissive Girls, the new forum will be releasing the next update for forum design and layouts soon. We've taken all users feedback into question and using it to improve the new forum.

Stay tuned,




on June 21, 2017

Thread Title: Submissive Girls new Subliminal releases for 6-21-2016

Hello everyone,

Using the newly updated Amber Text to Speech App and the Subliminal Recorder software for recording the Subliminal MP3's.  We've created two new subliminal programs available for download.

Now available for beta testing the new Subliminal MP3's were recorded using the following cover music Spa Music, Little Bird, Rain, Ocean Waves and one new sound we call White Noise.

And a newly improved the barely unnoticeable Silent method as the Subliminal MP3's play unnoticed subconsciously picked up by her.

After successful beta testing, we plan to re-record all Subliminal MP3's using the improved Silent method and record all programs for White Noise.

First up is the newly remastered Self Mind Control broken down into three Subliminal MP3 programs. The Self Mind Control was created from an old (Self Mind Control) script but we've rewritten it for this three part series.

1. Self Mind Control (Part 1) My Thoughts - Subliminal
Using this subliminal program you'll learn to better control your mind and your inner thoughts through the power of self-talk.

2. Self Mind Control (Part 2) Positive Outlook - Subliminal
Using this subliminal program you'll learn to achieve an all new Positive Outlook on life.

3. Self Mind Control (Part 3) Setting Goals - Subliminal
Using this subliminal program will help you learn to set goals for yourself so you can learn to achieve just about anything you set your mind to.

These Subliminal MP3 were recorded for just about anyone looking for self-improvement in his or her life. If you want to learn to control your thoughts, have a more positive outlook on life or maybe learn to set goals for yourself?

The Self Mind Control series could be for you.

How to use the Self Mind Control Series

And now up second we have the following Subliminal release for the Self-Help Subliminal Downloads,

I am a Good Girl - Subliminal
Use this subliminal program she will want to be a good girl for you.

She will want to obey you.
She will be easy to please.

The script for the (I am a Good Girl) subliminal was written in simple minded terms for any girl wanting to learn, to behave properly.