Product Description

For a onetime payment you get a lifetime Prime Membership giving you unlimited access to download our entire directory of subliminal MP3 programs for training girls in submission and obedience and a whole lot more.

Using are easy to read eBooks provided by Submissive Girls will share with you everything you need to know to train your girl step-by-step.

And as a Prime Member not only will you gain access to the subliminal downloads and following eBooks we will include exclusive access to our Apps for training your dream girl; and creating your own Subliminal MP3’s within minutes, using your PC!

Will show you how in three easy to read eBooks.

Create your own MP3 subliminal messages, eBooks are:
1. Easily Write Your Own Subliminal Messages eBook
2. Amber Text To Speech App eBook
3. Using the Subliminal Recorder App eBook

Get all this included in your Prime Membership and a whole lot more when you join Submissive Girls for a one-time payment…

But wait that’s not all,

You’ll The Amber MP3 Player is a brand new online App, completely independent, with nothing to download. It’s capable of playing all your MP3 Subliminal and Hypnosis tracks.

This helpful app is playable and compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices.

Simply, download our Subliminal MP3s of your choice from the Submissive Girls online directory and play as many programs as you like using the Amber MP3 player playlist feature.

When you join Submissive Girls Prime membership you’ll gain access to the Amber MP3 Player App, playable in web browser.