Submissive Girls Stories

These stories don't explicit real events. They were written for the enjoyment and to give you the impression of what it might be like to train yourself a dream girl using our Subliminal MP3's


The Perfect Wife - The Perfect Wife is a story about an 18-teen-year-old girl named Megan who's taking home EC class in her freshmen year of college. Read along as Megan learns the value of serving her man. Read More

Sierra The Little Maid - Sierra The Little Maid is a worth wild tale about a pretty 18-teen-year-old girl who's taken and trained through the use of hypnosis and subliminal messages.

Taken into a new life she becomes her Master's maid a live in slave girl. - Read More

Sierra The Pony - This is a story about a 19-teen-year-old girl named Sierra who's about be trained as a Pony Girl and enslaved in her own mind. Read along if you like human animal stories but be warned Sierra will lose her humanity in this tall tale. - Read More

A tale of a young adult girl who's about to be humiliated and treated like the animal she's become under the influence of subliminal messages...