The Ultimate Companion Series

Dream Girls presents to you The Ultimate Companion a one-of-a-kind series by combining 'Self-Hypnosis' and 'Subliminal Messages' together, creating what we would like to call a 'Self-Hypnosis Subliminal Program' you can use for training your girlfriend, wife or even your slave girl into becoming a faithful, submissive and obedient dream girl who will want to make you happy.

All she has to do is sit back and relax while listening to the 'Deep Relaxation' a Self-Hypnosis program while the subliminal messages play undetected subconsciously implanting these 'Subliminal Messages' - suggestions that will influence her behavior. These newly implanted suggestions will, in time, surface, motivating her to become the dream girl you've always wanted.

Why not give Dream Girls a try and use The Ultimate Companion as a tool for training just about any girl into becoming your life partner, willing to do anything and everything for you. The Ultimate Companion will help you to create the desire in her to fulfill your every wish and fantasy.

Included with the series is an eBook that provides you with detailed step-by-step instructions and how to encourage habit forming behavior on how to best use the ‘The Ultimate Companion’ in training your girl into becoming a dream girl.

The Ultimate Companion would like to introduce the following program 'She is Faithful - Self Hypnosis Subliminal' now available for download and accessible by Prime members. This is the first of many programs soon to be released within the Self Hypnosis Subliminal series.

She is Faithful - Self Hypnosis Subliminal

You can access The Ultimate Companion an entirely new series of MP3 programs directly from Dream Girls large directory.

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Within the next few months, we plan to deploy all-new Self Hypnosis Subliminal programs available only to those who have a Prime membership.