A couple of suggestions

1. When I view the list of subjects, there is a little, I guess you would call it a forum heading, that appears on the heading line and at times blocks part of the heading from being seen. Could it be either removed or moved up or down a line?

2. This is simple. The Submit Post button should be labeled Submit New Post. Makes its purpose a lot clearer.

Otherwise, it looks very good. Takes a little looking around to get it all figured out but works fine after that .Good job.


Yes for sure... The forum we see now is in beta and I'm planning on further updates which will be ready soon.

When I'm done releasing these new forum updates I plan to work on the layout design of how the forum looks next.  The forum heading you call it, I'm already thinking of moving things around so it won't block the heading. 

All have some improvements soon after the upcoming release.

That's a good idea, Submit New Post





The forum heading for tile will be coming in the next updates along with a new posting system, to post new topics...

All keep you posted,